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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Google Play. Jorte Calendar app. Google Calendar.

I use my Google Calendar all the time, many times a day. I'm a shift worker, and I recently renovated my house. Having all my shifts and appointments in my Google Calendar is essential. I can enter appointments at my computer and they sync to my phone.

I like the presentation of the Google Calendar widgets, but I like the widgets from Jorte Calendar even better. I can have any size I want. I use a 5x4 widget and a 1x1 widget.
Jorte lets me use my Google Calendar as well as any other calendar I want to integrate into the app.

Here's the link for the Google play market...

Here's what the Jorte app looks like. I use two weeks to a screen.

This is my main widget, also two weeks to a screen.
(Note that I am using Nova Launcher on my phone, which I tailor to remove that lock bar of apps at the bottom of the screen.)

I also use a 1x1 widget to show me today's events.

It's worth having Jorte just for the amazing and complete amount of all possible size widgets.

Keep in mind that Google Calendar is also a great way to back up your data. 
Make monthly repeating entries so that you can always find them. 
In one, put all you car info. In another, put all your medical info. In another, put all your house info and bills, and so on. I can put a very large amount of text in the notes. 

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