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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Google Play. Dropbox . How do I ....

Dropbox, what a wonderful idea. What a great way to back up all my photos and files.

Dropbox is a cloud storage system. All your files and photos are stored on Dropbox's server so that you can access them from any device - phone or computer.

Dropbox grants a free allowance as well as the ability to earn more free space.
Even though I am a huge fan of free stuff, I pay $100 a year for a terabyte of space so that I never have to worry about running out of space.

Here's the link on Google Play

This is it on my Android phone...

I've gone to the effort of writing this post to help you understand how to use Dropbox and to make the most of it.

Firstly, keep it organised.
Keep all you files is one folder in the main menu. 
Use sub folders inside that main folder.

Every so often I copy and paste me Word Excel files into Dropbox, as well as the yearly tax files and other important documents.

Keep images of your passport and drivers licence and airline tickets and insurance here if you are traveling.

In the Dropbox settings on your phone, turn on instant upload. Also select upload over WiFi only or via data plan, depending on how big a data plan you have.

Keep you pictures sorted too. Keep them sorted into folders or you become lost in them.
Inside the Camera Upload folder, I make one sub folder for ALL holidays, with sub folders inside that.
I make a sub folders for car, dogs, cafes, passport and airline ticket pics, and so on.

Important: Go to your camera settings on your phone and turn the size of the image down to 1 MB or under. If you are taking pictures that are 2 or 3 or 4 MB in size, then you will use up your phone memory very quickly, as well as you free Dropbox space. Large photos also take to long to send and download, as well as using up your data allowance.
See the main post on my tech blog...

I use instant upload from my phone, it all goes straight to Dropbox. It's wonderful and it's easy.
I never have to worry about losing my phone and the photos on it, or worry changing hard drives on the computer. It's all on Dropbox.

Here's their home page link if you are at your computer...


* Google Play. Dropbox . How do I make the photos from my phone go straight to Dropbox ?
Go to the Dropbox settings on your phone and turn on the Camera Upload.
Also select WiFi only or Data Plan.

* Google Play. Dropbox . How do I make my phone camera pictures smaller so that I don't use up my Dropbox allowance ?
Go to the camera settings on your phone - open up the camera - and turn down the resolution of the picture.

Take a picture, go to your gallery and check the details of that picture.

Mine are always approximately 500 KB, always less than 1 MB.

* Google Play. Dropbox . How do I back up my files ?
Install the Dropbox program on your computer from the Dropbox home page.
Then copy and paste the folders from My Documents that you want to back up into the Dropbox folder. That's it.

* Google Play. Dropbox . My Dropbox is full, how do I get more space ?
Refer friends to Dropbox. Read here at their help site...
Pay. Seriously, I love free stuff, but I love having my precious photos backed up even more. I pay $100 a year for 1 terabyte of space so I never have to worry about running our of space. It's a good form of insurance if you ever lose your phone or have your computer stolen or hacked.

* Google Play. Dropbox . How do I stop Dropbox uploading photos when I'm overseas on holidays ?
Go to the Dropbox settings on your phone and go to the Camera Upload area. Select WiFi only.
Also go to your phone settings, go to Data Usage, untick Mobile Data and just use the hotel WiFi at night for all your needs.